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The College Tapes is the second spin-off series to The Bright Sessions. It follows Caleb Michaels and Adam Hayes, main characters of the original podcast, attempting to solve an atypical conspiracy during their senior year of college.

Creative Team[]

Lauren Shippen - Creator, producer, writer, director.

Briggon Snow - Writer, producer.

Lillian Holman - Producer.

Evan Cunningham - Composer, producer.

Meghan Fitzmartin - Writer.

Mischa Stanton - Sound designer.

Brandon Grugle - Sound designer.




  • Gabrielle Archambault as Alexis, a student at Yale University.
  • Declan Michael Laird as Neal, a former pre-law student at Yale University.
  • Julia Morizawa as Dr. Joan Bright, Caleb's former therapist and Mark's sister who is director of the AM's Boston division.
  • Miriam Katz as Miriam, Adam's therapist.
  • Kelley Mack as Alice Michaels, Caleb's younger sister and a patient at the AM.
  • Jordan Doww as Cole, a barista at Caleb's favorite coffee shop who flirts with him.
  • Charlie Ian as Damien, a former friend of Mark.
  • Lyn Alicia Henderson as Rebecca Hayes, Adam's mother who has ties to the AM.
  • Bryce Charles as Mags Densmore, an employee at the AM's Boston division.
  • Lauren Bradley as Trinie, a student at Boston University involved in the theatre program.
  • Hugo Pierre Martin as Dylan, a student at Yale University.
  • Cate Cohen as Ellen, bartender at an arcade Caleb and Adam frequent.
  • Tyler James White as Linus, a Boston University student who is Ben's roommate.
  • Omri Horowitz as Tobias Sitzer, a former student at Yale University.
  • Valerie Tosi as Alice Rufie Jordan, a former student at Yale University.

Additional Voices[]

  • Jarvis Johnson (episode 1).
  • James Oliva (episodes 2, 4, & 9).
  • Kristen DiMercurio (episode 2).
  • David Rheinstrom (episode 2).
  • Annbriel Bresnen (episodes 4, 8, & 16).
  • Hugo Pierre Martin (episodes 8, 9, 16).
  • Cate Cohen (episode 9).
  • Tyler White (episodes 9 & 16).
  • Meghan Fitzmartin (episodes 9 & 16).
  • Jordan Doww (episode 16).
  • Valerie Tosi (episode 16).
  • Gabrielle Archambault (episode 16).