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Mark's classified patient intake form from The AM administered by Annabelle Wadsworth.

Byron Mark Bryant [2], who prefers to go by Mark, is the younger brother of Dr. Joan Bright. He is a major character in The Bright Sessions, The AM Archives, and The College Tapes. He is a photographer and a survivor of Tier 5. His ability allows him to mimic the abilities of atypicals around him.


From a young age, Mark displayed various atypical abilities.[3] In elementary school, he walked through a door without opening it. In middle school, Mark pushed an older student, who flew really high into the air and had to see the nurse upon landing. He also had an out-of-body experience where time was stopped and he witnessed a neighbor experiencing a heart attack.

As he went through school, he realized that he had a love for the arts and dislike for the sciences. This started in elementary where he discovered he liked music but disliked math; and then in middle school (or high school), he took an elective in beginning photography and loved it.[3] Because of this love of the arts, Mark decided to go to art school for college, though Joan disagreed with the decision.

After he graduated, Mark left to travel the world, but was kidnapped by the AM and sent to Tier 5 for experimentation. Two years into his captivity, he was discovered by Joan, who was then fired from her job at the AM. Joan negotiated with them and it was eventually agreed that he would be released into her custody, until he went into a coma and this agreement was broken. This coma was the result of a time travelling accident that occurred in an experiment with Camille, a time traveler whose abilities allowed her to to mentally travel back in time while her body remained in the present. Camille died during the experiment and Mark, no longer able to access her ability, ended up consciously stranded in 1810 while his body in the present remained unconscious.

Mark remained comatose and trapped in 1810 for 3 years before being rescued by Joan, Sam, and Damien. With Joan's guidance, Sam travelled back in time and effectively pulled Mark's consciousness back to the present. Once he was awake, Damien used his ability to infiltrate the AM and bring Mark outside. Though he had agreed to bring Mark back home to Sam and Joan, Damien goes back on this deal and lies to, manipulates, and effectively kidnaps Mark, forcing him to come along with him on a road trip to get away from both the AM and from Joan. The two spend several months on the road together, though the relationship is manipulative, the two of them do bond. Mark manages to escape by accidentally turning Damien's ability against him, bringing the two of them back to Boston and to Joan and Sam.


Can use the abilities of other atypicals when in proximity to them (approximately 30 feet). The power of someone's ability appears to increase in Mark when he mimics their ability.


Samantha Barnes[]

Samantha Barnes is a close friend and romantic interest who visited Mark while he was trapped in the year 1810. After Mark was kidnapped again- this time by Damien, Sam spent her summer driving and time traveling to try to find him. Mark finally returns in season 3 episode 13, walking in on Sam spiraling to Chloe and Joan about Mark possibly thinking she isn't real but he assures her he knows she is. However, the two have a complicated, and ultimately unhealthy, relationship, with Sam going behind Mark's back to protect him and Mark avoiding his problems (and sometimes sister) by hiding at Sam's. The two share some agoraphobia and struggle to actually talk about their issues. Mark's alcoholism becomes a worry of Sam's as is likewise with Mark towards her anxiety and abandonment issues. The two decide to take a break when Mark leaves for an 8-month gig around the country.

(The following contains spoilers for The AM Archives)

Mark returns to Boston in The AM Archives Episode 05, 2 months before he was supposed to. He surprises Sam by walking in the front doors unannounced and dodging her questions. He's immediately met with skepticism by Mags who seems to peg him as a classic shitty boyfriend. He and Sam part ways when she has to go talk to Joan. They don't meet up again until Ghosts, though the two show great concern for one another's well being with Mark asking person he sees until then if they'd seen her and her pressing Owen for Mark's location and safety.


Mark has a strange relationship with Robert Gorham, or Damien as he's more commonly referred to. Their relationship began when Damien agreed to help Dr. Bright in breaking her brother out of the AM. Damien accomplishes this in Zero Hour and after learning Mark could potentially copy his ability, he took Mark for himself rather than bringing him back to Joan. Over the next few months, Damien kept Mark close to his side, courtesy of his ability, as they hopped motel to motel to keep away from the AM. Their relationship is already visibly unhealthy with Mark being forced to tell Damien all about himself and time at the AM, and Damien offering next to no personal information in return. This changes in Damien, September when Mark reveals he'd called Joan with Damien's phone (shown in Mark, August), triggering a fight that ends in Mark's power returning and usurping Damien's. Now free from Damien's power, Mark forces him into the car so they can drive back to Boston. At a rest stop where Damien's getting food, Mark briefly mentions to Joan that his ability hasn't been as strong sometimes like when Damien broke his cellphone the other day, or when he secretly records Mark later that episode.

Afterward, Mark had mixed feelings toward Damien, confessing to Sam in Safe House that he isn't sure what they are exactly. When Damien was badly injured after Caleb attacked him, Mark vehemently protested taking him to the AM. They did wind up admitting him, much to Mark's chagrin.


(The following contains spoilers for The College Tapes)

Caleb seems to look up to Mark. Mark sometimes helps Caleb with atypical dilemmas—or dating ones, leading Caleb to go to him with questions about his "promposal." Mark isn't much help on the matter but the two start to bond which later forms into a sort brotherly relationship. By TCT, Caleb often refers to Mark as "basically my older brother," and Mark does the same (only little brother instead of big brother.) Caleb continues to turn to Mark for advice even his college years. For example, Mark is Caleb's sole confidant on his atypical evolution until The College Tapes Episode 07. The two also show great concern for one another when their powers overwhelm them as seen in The College Tapes Episode 12.

Oliver Ritz[]

(The following contains spoilers for The AM Archives)

Mark and Oliver initially meet in The AM Archives Episode 12 upon running into one another plus Joan and Jackson at the medbay and discovering Dr. Sharpe's body. Oliver recognizes Mark as "coma-man," and confirms Helen's earlier claims that Mark's escape had traveled along tier 5. [add stuff about when Oliver starts making the serum and Joan goes missing.] Oliver is struggling to recreate the serum. He explains to a confused Mark that he needs base components to make something, sparking a realization. He draws Mark's blood to use the components of the serum in his bloodstream to replicate it. This is done twice, unfortunately, since Mags and Jackson's return causes Oliver to drop the vial he'd been working on. [Oliver likes Mark's godspeed joke, tosses Mark the vial, Mark gives Oliver his number, "me and two coma guys hell yeah"]

(The following contains spoilers for The College Tapes)

By The College Tapes, Mark and Oliver have become good friends. Since Oliver had been travelling around Europe and Asia for the past few years, the majority of their relationship has been built over text and phone calls. When Oliver returns to Boston in The College Tapes Episode 04, Mark offers up his apartment to stay at and even picks him up from the airport. Mark asks why Oliver came back to Boston only for the question to be dodged by Oliver saying that Mark will see when they get coffee. They stop at Curio Coffee to eat where Oliver has, unbeknownst to Mark, set up a meeting with Seamus Blackwell. This exchange reveals that Blackwell is attempting to hire Oliver to help him solve a problem with an atypical artifact. Mark is noticeably upset about not being warned, expressing distrust of Blackwell and dislike for the idea of Oliver working with him. Later at dinner, Mark catches Oliver up on what things have been like in Boston. Oliver asks Mark how mad he is, and Mark reassures Oliver that he is not mad. Mark discusses feeling that he needed to make a home for himself, saying that he'd been putting his home on other people like Sam and Joan, Oliver interjects to suggest that had done the same with Damien, and Mark agrees. Mark tries to discuss the impact of Tier 5 on them both, but Oliver tries to insist that he's fine. Mark presses further about Oliver's return to Boston, and Oliver confesses that his ability is "broken", as he is able to take things apart, but has been unable to create anything since the incident at The AM. When they return to Mark's apartment, Oliver asks Mark to help him make an artifact using their abilities. Oliver begins the process of trying to use Mark's power to make an artifact, but Mark quickly becomes uncomfortable, spiraling into a panic attack. He asks Oliver to stop several times before Oliver notices his distress and stops. Oliver apologizes, Mark tells him that it's fine and leaves the room to go to bed.

In The College Tapes Episode 09, it is revealed that Oliver left Boston without telling Mark to go to help Blackwell deal with an artifact at Yale. Mark calls Oliver while he is in Yale's Russel Library basment, chastising him for leaving and for ignoring prior calls. Mark refers to them as friends and Oliver states that he "wouldn't exactly call [them] friends". Mark argues, and Oliver starts to respond defensively, but Mark interrupts him asking him to be careful, as Mark is "running low on friends." Oliver tells Mark that he will call him later and hangs up. Oliver calls back later on at some point, but Mark does not respond. Mark calls Oliver back two days after their first phone call, apologizing for not answering his last call because he was at work. Oliver answers, asking if Mark is still mad at him and profusely apologizing. He says that he did not mean to say "that fucked up thing about [them]" and that he would do "whatever it takes, whatever you asked of me, whatever the cost." Mark asks what Oliver is talking about, and Oliver responds that he is talking about the conversation they just had-- revealing that what had been two days for Mark had only been minutes for Oliver, as working with the artifact had caused him to be trapped in some form of time loop. Oliver has an epiphany about the book and hangs up. After a while more, he loses track of time and begins to grow panicked-- not knowing how many days he'd been in the basement. He calls Mark again, and Mark reveals that he had been attempting to contact Oliver the entire time and that it had now been five days. Mark tries to tell Oliver to leave, but Oliver responds that he did not call for advice, he called because he needed Mark to "ground" and "tether" him as he continues to work with the book. Oliver views a memory stored in the book and, though it only takes a few seconds for Oliver and the listener, when the memory ends, Mark is panicked, saying that Oliver had been silent for hours. Mark tells Oliver to close the book and that he will be there soon. In The College Tapes Episode 08, the result of episode 09 is shown from Caleb and Adam's point of view, with Oliver running into Caleb and Adam at the library and Mark meeting them all there.

Mags Densmore[]

(The following contains spoilers for The AM Archives)

When they first meet, Mags isn't all that fond of Mark. She only knows of him from what she's vaguely heard from Sam and Joan and seems to assume he's a generic shitty boyfriend at first. She shows concern for Mark when he volunteers to test the serum and offers to call Joan which he subsequently shuts down. The two are slightly tense in Ghosts

Dr. Joan Bright[]

Dr. Joan Bright is Mark's sister. They have always been close siblings, even as children. They kept a secret notebook[3] where they would talk about anything and everything, and ask each other for advice. Entries usually ended with "love, Joanie" or "love, Mark". This notebook is still with Joan to this day.

In the notebook, Mark's developing love for art was clear as he would often draw in it.


Camille was an older mental time traveler who was imprisoned with Mark at the AM. The AM forced her and Mark to time travel together to spy on other atypicals. She died due to the AM overdosing her while she and Mark were time traveling together, resulting in his consciousness getting trapped in 1810. Mark liked Camille and apparently misses her now.


Little is known of Mark and Joan's parents. At some point in time, the parents witnessed their best friends' violent death by an atypical, thus causing their fear of the supernatural abilities. It is assumed that they left their children in the US and moved to Europe, they currently live in Canada, because of Mark's ability and there has been little to no contact between them and their children.

Their father is a military history enthusiast.


  • Mark needs to wear corrective lenses, but tends to wear contacts because it's easier to take pictures with.[4]
  • Mark considers religion "weird but interesting". [5]
  • Mark's Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFP. [6]
  • Mark is tied with Frank for third-tallest of the main cast.
  • Mark is canonically bisexual.
  • In his junior year of high school, Mark was asked to the prom by Stacy Robinson. According to him, she just asked him in the hall between classes and there was "no big to-do."[7]
  • In his senior year of high school, Mark went to the prom with his best friend, Josh, apparently creating a bit of a scandal. While he was curious at this time, he didn't come out until college.[7]