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Jackson Crawford is a main character in The AM Archives. He is a new patient relations employee at the Boston division of The AM and he is an atypical with super speed.


Jackson grew up in Atlanta.  His ability developed in his teenage years and he was admitted to a Tier 3 program of The AM. He later got a job with at Boston division of The AM working in patient relations.


Dr. Joan Bright[]

Jackson and Joan appear to have a flirtatious relationship right from the beginning of the series.  Upon meeting her in episode 1 “People Like You”, he confesses that he had read some of her papers and was very impressed by them.  Later, he follows her down to Tier 5 to investigate the breakout and in episode 2 “The Electric Man”, he saves her from Sidney’s attack.  He talks to her after the event, she thanks him for helping her and he compliments her.  In episode 4 “Homecoming”, Jackson finds Joan in Tier 5, trying to have the courage to go into Mark’s old cell.  Jackson talks her through it and she asks him to stay with her.

Owen Green[]

Owen and Jackson seem to butt heads a lot during the beginning of The AM Archives, although they do both seem to have a good deal of respect for each other.  Owen appears to have been attempting to take Jackson under his wing.

Mags Densmore[]

Sam Barnes[]

Mark Bryant[]

Alice Michaels[]

Jackson greets Alice and gives her her welcome speech when she first arrives at The AM in “The Grand Tour”.  He gives her a tour of the facility and reassures her about the helpfulness of The AM’s programs.  In the time that Alice is touring, they seem to get to know each other fairly well and maybe even become friends.  Alice had also been clearly making attempts to help set Jackson up with Joan.


  1. Jackson's favorite food is grilled cheese sandwiches.