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Alice Michaels is the younger sister of Caleb Michaels, one of the main characters in the TBS universe. She is mentioned in The Bright Sessions and is a minor character in The College Tapes, The Infinite Noise, and The AM Archives.


Alice was born on April 4, 2003 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her parents are David and Helen Michaels and her only sibling is her older brother Caleb Michaels. She manifested the ability of super strength at the age of 13 and began doing sessions at the AM to help her with her ability in 2017.


Alice has the ability of super strength. It manifested when she was 13 years old and was first noticed by her brother Caleb during a game of Quidditch, in which she threw the ball so hard that when he caught it he went flying back. She began as a patient at the AM after Dr. Bright, Agent Green, and Sam Barnes took over as directors and is still a patient as of The College Tapes.


There are no canonical details about Alice's appearance.


Caleb Michaels[]

Adam Hayes[]

Jackson Crawford[]

Jackson greets Alice and gives her her welcome speech when she first arrives at The AM in “The Grand Tour”. He gives her a tour of the facility and reassures her about the helpfulness of The AM’s programs. In the time that Alice is touring, they seem to get to know each other fairly well and maybe even become friends. Alice had also been clearly making attempts to help set Jackson up with Joan.

Joan Bright[]

Alice and Dr. Bright knew each other before their first appearance together in The AM Archives, given that Joan was Alice's brother's therapist for a large amount of time during the main series. Upon her arrival to the AM in "The Grand Tour", Alice is very excited to see Joan and goes to hug her very tightly. Alice is also very insistent that Dr. Bright accompany her and Jackson on the tour of the AM that he gives her. She does, after observing them interacting together, try to set Joan up with Jackson.

Mags Densmore[]